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This type of banner ad is perfect for Consultants and Freelancers! The banner can be directed to a LinkedIn Profile or any appropriate landing page. Your portfolio, personal website, social media page and whatnot. Besides, it will make your LinkedIn profile happy. 🙂

Wondering how to make the banner? No worries, can make a customized banner for you at a very affordable prize! Similarly, if you want to provide your own banner it will be much better since we know your creativity speaks through your banner.

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One of your best move for your consultancy or freelancing career!

When looking for a job & Dress to impress

If you want to avoid rocking the same outfit or dress with some of the crowd during your important events and meetings. Then it’s much better to buy online. Shopping malls sell almost the same brands. There’s a big chance you’ll end up buying the same item or style with your friends and colleagues. Imagine if you’ll look like twins in those special corporate events and occasions in your life or even when looking for a job. Some events are once in a lifetime. You can never turn back the clock, you know.

Some people prepare their resume to look very pleasing when looking for a job but what about themselves. More than the resume they should also present themselves as pleasing as possible the way their resume did.

Stand out and dress to impress! Get that dream job at

looking for a job

looking for a job

Evolve Now or Perish Later?

The world is changing rapidly and that means the need for certain skills and talent also changes and evolve. Some skills become obsolete and redundant. The world is now embracing efficiency due to the fast-paced life humans are in now. The world loves efficient products and services but with creative touch and convenience. The world loves more output but low in cost because that means more production; more production means more profit. This makes the companies more competitive because the competition keeps getting tighter. New innovative and passionate brains rises to compete with the old and usual business models. So the whole question is: Are your skills still relevant? Evolve or perish…

The good news is that there’s no need to get confused on how to cope with these changes in the job market. Staying relevant is a choice and decision. Thankfully, the education sector has also evolved radiply. It became more convenient, affordable and hassle-free.

Just click any of the images below and explore what suits you and your needs. Don’t get left behind. Happy Learning!

May the 4th be with you: become a star with courses up to 90%!

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How to create a website shortcut on your smartphone’s home screen.

Are you tired of opening your phone’s browser and keep typing a website link over and over again? Yes, you are thinking of adding a bookmark but it is for the weak (stone age). It is not the most cutting edge solution for your fast paced lifestyle. The simplest solution is to place a shortcut on your phone’s home screen. With the shortcut available on your phone’s home screen, all you have to do is click it then Viola! Happy Browsing!

In the video below, we will use as an example on how to add a website shortcut on your home screen:

** If you want to watch the video in full screen, click here Adding website shortcut on smartphone home screen else play the video below.

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